Cell Phone Software Review – Which is the best?

Mobile Spy_02In this age of advancing communication technology, the threat of cyber crimes looms large. The advent of smartphones has indeed enabled us to accomplish our daily tasks on the move; it has also exposed our vulnerability to crimes that are taking place in the cyber world. To protect self, family and your secure data, there is a need for mobile monitoring software and Mobile Spy is one such monitoring software that can track all the activities of your mobile phones and computers.

Mobile spy is a top rated monitoring software that is compatible with Android, Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile Smartphones. It is in fact credited with developing the first commercial spyware for iPhones. By installing the software on the target phone, you can track all the mobile phone activities.


Installing Mobile Spy is an altogether 15 minute procedure. You need to purchase from the vendor website and download the app on to the mobile phone. You need to restart the phone and the monitoring software would get installed. You need to physically install it on the mobile phone you wish to monitor. Post installation, the recorded logs can be accessed remotely through a user account which can be validated through a password.


Call Tracking: With the monitoring software installed on the mobile phone, you can track all the incoming and outgoing calls along with their time and duration.

Mail Tracking: Installing the monitoring software helps to track all emails along with the contents and details of the sender or recipient.

Location Tracking: The presence of the GPS tracking device in the software enables you to track the location of your stolen phone or your missing kid or spouse.

Stealth Functioning: One of the notable features of this software is its ability to function in the stealth mode. The presence of the monitoring software cannot be detected by the mobile phone user. There is no evidence of installation or continuous tracking.

Mobilespy_LIVELive Access: One of the notable features in Mobile Spy is the presence of live control panel which will enable the user of the spying software to view the phone screen in live providing high end surveillance in real time.

Tracking Internet History: The software maintains a detailed log of all websites visited and contents viewed thus allowing you to keep a watch on the internet activities of your kids and employees during work hours.

Application Blocking: The software enables you to restrict the access to certain websites or apps. Kids are abused through interactions on social networking sites. Blocking access to such sites helps to prevent cyber abuse.

Remote Operation Control: If you have lost your phone, you can remotely lock the phone through SMS commands. Data wipe out and back up can also be performed remotely.

With a host of tracking features available in Mobile Spy, you can effectively use it to monitor your kid’s activities, nab a dishonest employee or catch a cheating spouse with sufficient concrete evidence of the misdeeds. A seven day free trial offer can be availed to review its features before purchasing the monitoring software.

The icing on the cake is that the mobile spy is being used by homeland security and the FBI to track criminals, thus lending credence to its monitoring capabilities.